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Mission and Objectives
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01/21/04 IEEE SCV Signal Processing Society Seminar -- The evolution of advanced speech input and output technologies now allow us to explore new possibilities in automated language instruction, where the machine presents students with highly interactive lessons for acquiring a new language. This talk will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art technologies in computer assisted language learning, and introduce several real-world applications. We will also provide an industry-wide overview of how speech technologies are being used now and could be used in the future in the context of language learning applications. Demonstrations of software products and technologies focusing on automated language education will be given to illustrate the power of using speech input/output technology in solving real, specific problems.
01/15/04 School of Engineering Graduate Seminars
10/11/03 SCU IEEE Active -- The IEEE has kicked off the new season with its first meeting last week. The group has begun work in all aspects, one of which is their new website. You can find out more information about the IEEE and its current members here: They welcome anyone to join!
10/07/03 Graduate Seminars Now Active -- Graduate seminars occur every Thursday at 4:10pm-5:00pm in the Bannan Engineering building. They are absolutely free and open to all students and faculty. To find out more about current speakers and topics, please visit our seminars page.
09/20/03 Presidential Recognition Award Given to Electrical Engineer -- At the Faculty Recognition Dinner, President Paul Locatelli honored Alex Zecevic, associate professor of electrical engineering, with a Presidential Recognition Award. The Presidential Recognition Award is bestowed on those who best exemplify the teaching scholar, and Father Locatelli lauded Alex for the breadth and depth of his scholarship, for his distinguished teaching, and for his extensive service. He described Alex as one of our "purest scholars."