ELEN 105: Electromagnetics II

Tim Healy, Santa Clara University

This is the second course in electromagnetics taught in the Electrical Engineering Department. A prerequisite is the first course in electromagnetics, ELEN 104. This course is required of all majors. The text this year is M. Sadiku, "Elements of Electromagnetics", Second Edition, Saunders, Fort Worth, TX, 1994. In this course we cover Chapters 8 through 13. The major topics are: One of the unusual features of the course is that I calculate the inductance of a straight wire. This extremely fundamental derivation is interesting because it gives me the opportunity to talk about what this means (more philosophy), and also because it can be used as a springboard to explain how other inductance formulae arise.

I also carry out an alternative derivation of the characteristic impedance of a transmission line, which is much more intuitive than the usual derivation. I think I originated this derivation, although I am not sure of this.